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Rigamonti ADV Design - Gruppo Rigamonti
Rigamonti Adv Design is a company in the Rigamonti Group specializing in publicity communication, and principally in the fields of integrated communications, graphic advertising, web design, web marketing, multimedia design, audio/video editing, and events organization.

In the disparate world of communications, definitions no longer have a place. It is the right ideas that are needed to provide the right communication. It is for this reason that we have adopted a dynamic company approach: an approach which is proactive and inventive and which includes in its operating methods all the functions of a publicity agency and a photographic studio, a web agency and a multimedia company.

The graphics studio and computer and publicity departments are all focused on the single objective of raising the profile of businesses: whether they are large or small, modern or traditional, Italian or foreign. Any type of enterprise will find that the creative approach of Rigamonti Adv Design provides the right solution to encourage growth, to attract new clients, and to incite interest with effective publicity. The company specializes in producing images with advanced technological content and creative input, using specific applications and computer graphics. It is directed towards a multimedia approach, including the world of the Internet and the organization of special events.
These are systems which have a considerable impact on our methods of marketing important companies. They also help us to respond quickly and professionally to the client’s needs, and the personalized approach allows him to be fully involved in planning his own success strategy.

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